Gentlecare is a revolutionary approach to the care of people with Alzheimer’s Disease. Warmth, compassion, creativity, insight and practicality combine to establish a fully comprehensive system of care for those with dementia. Gentlecare helps to ease the journey of the Alzheimer’s sufferer to make it as loving and secure as possible. It is a program to nurture the body, mind and soul of the person with Alzheimer’s disease. It teaches caregivers ways to respect and cherish, and even bring joy to the life of the slowly diminishing person.

Gentlecare is a system of care designed to change the experience of dementing illness, such as Alzeimer’s disease, for the afflicted, their loved ones and professional caregivers. It offers a positive approach to the inevitable progress of dementing illness. Gentlecare is rooted in recognition of the person with dementia as a unique and special human being, who has a rich past and now faces a difficult future. Recognition and acknowledgement of the devastating problems facing the affected person, demands the need for appropriate and compassionate care and assistance with the life challenges to come.

At Hamilton Continuing Care, our staff are trained in Gentlecare and clearly understand the clinical process and implications of progressive dementia. Emphasis is on awareness of the afflicted person’s relationships and life situation in which the person lives, rather than crisis management and intervention. Identification and removal of stressors in the environment of the person with dementia, help to create a more serene existence. Effective strategies and programs help the individual live more comfortably within his environment. Gentlecare endeavours to create a match between people with dementing illness and the physical space in which they live, their daily activities and the significant people with whom they interact.

Gentlecare emphasizes that whole families, not just individuals, suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, effective dementia care must acknowledge the power of the family, by supporting, assisting and encouraging family members and involving them in the care process.